Our Product - The Insta-Tan Difference
Insta-Tan's Revolutionary Sunless Tanning Formula:
- Will NOT Turn Your Skin Orange
- Does NOT Contain DHA (Dihydroxyacetone)
- Oil Free
- Non Greasy
- Weightless Solution
- Fast Drying
- Hypoallergenic
- Dermatologist Tested
- Won't Clog Pores
- Non Aerosol
- For All Skin Types
- Contains No Suncreen or SPF
- Not Animal Tested
Insta-Tan is completely different from all the other 100+ sunless tanning products on the market. Insta-Tan does not contain DHA and therefore does not dye the pigment of your skin leaving you with an uneven streaky or blotchy appearance. Our revolutionary tan formula can also be counted on to not fade, streak, smear, stain or give you an orange appearance. 
With Insta-Tan there is no exfoliating, rubbing, touching or waiting...  Insta-Tan allows you to wear what you want, when you want.  In a hurry? All you have to do is spray it where you want it and out the door you go. Get a natural looking tan in seconds.
Designed for both men and women alike, Insta-Tan's fine misting spray gives you a rich golden tan color in just seconds. What you see is what you get.  If you want it darker, you just spray on a second coat.  
You can wear Insta-Tan all day and all night, but the best part is that it easily washes off with soap and water. 
Whether it's a special occasion, night out on the town or the company picnic, all you have to do is Spray-n-Go!
Insta-Tan Ingredients:
Isopropyl, Water, U.S. Certified Colors, Citric Acid, Benzonate of Soda, Vitamin E, Natural Vanilla Fragrance.
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