About Us
Insta-Tan LLC. is a Colorado based company founded for the purpose of inventing and introducing an innovative, alternative self tanning product to the world marketplace. 

We spent over 3 years perfecting our product ~ Insta-Tan. We compiled data concerning consumers and their opinions in regard to the long term damage caused by exposure to the sun, the frequenting of tanning salons and the various types of sunless tanning products currently available for sale that fail to deliver the instant results people are looking for.

From this thorough research and various focus groups we developed a better understanding of what consumers truly want and what their expectations are, including the demand for a new sunless tanning product.

Once created, our mission has become to heighten the awareness of how our revolutionary product differs from all the existing products available and how it will not disappoint anyone that tries it!

We welcome any comments or questions you may have.

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