Frequently Asked Questions and Application Directions
1.  Why and when to choose Insta-Tan?   If you have tried all the other sunless tanning products on the market and have not been completely satisfied, you'll love Insta-Tan. When using Insta-Tan there is no exfoliating, rubbing, touching or waiting. With Insta-Tan you get instant results!  If you are fair skinned and tend to burn, or are someone with olive skin that tans easily, our product gives you that tan appearance you want and desire. Besides, over time the sun’s ultraviolet rays can be very damaging to the skin and there needed to be a new alternative to tanning.  Some people use our product everyday and others use it for that special occasion.  Either way, Insta-Tan will give you a beautiful tan instantly, whenever and wherever you want it.
2. What makes Insta-Tan different from other similar products on the market?        - Nothing compares to Insta-Tan - there is not a product like it on the market today.      - Insta-Tan gives you a rich golden tan color without any exposure to the sun.       - Application is simple, fast and easy. No touching or rubbing required. (Just Spray and go…)      - Allows you to wear what you want-when you want.  No more pantyhose.      - Blends evenly and dries instantly, literally in a matter of seconds. (No fuss no muss)       - Leaves skin feeling soft with a light natural vanilla fragrance.       - Used by both Men and Women alike. (Unisex)        - Doesn’t fade, streak or smear and won't give you that uneven or blotchy appearance.      - Produces no “Orange-like” appearance, similar to other products on the market.      - Doesn’t stain hands or clothing – completely washable.
3.  Who can use Insta-Tan?  Insta-Tan can be used by anyone, no matter what your age or skin type. We have men and women all over the world that use our product. Whether you are Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Japanese or Chinese etc., Insta-Tan will work on you.  
4.  How long will Insta-Tan last?   The tan appearance lasts until either washed off with soap and water, or if completely submerged in water.
5.  Does Insta-Tan contain a sunscreen or SPF?  No. With the various types of sunscreens available it would be impossible to please all of our customers.  We suggest you use a "water-based" sunscreen that absorbs easily into the skin prior to applying.
6.  Do I need to exfoliate my skin prior to applying Insta-Tan?   No. Application of Insta-Tan is not effected either way. 
7.  Can I use Insta-Tan on my face?  Absolutely!  Our product can be used all over the entire body. We have customers that use Insta-Tan on their face everyday.  
8.  How long does Insta-Tan take to dry?  Insta-Tan only takes 15-20 seconds to dry under normal conditions. If applying a second coat make sure your initial coat is completely dry.  However,  if you applied some lotion or sunscreen prior to putting on Insta-Tan, it may take a little longer to dry.  We suggest that you do not however use an oil-based lotion. Insta-Tan, just like makeup does not adhere very well to an oily type lotion and may rub off on your clothing.  Whatever you do, do not touch till dry!  Uneven color and/or spotting will disappear naturally. Also, if you have really hairy arms or legs you may see some product residue on your hair after you have applied Insta-Tan.  No worries- once dry, just brush this off with your hand. The color will not be affected in anyway.
9.  Will Insta-Tan rub off on my clothing?  Insta-Tan will not rub off on your clothing as long as you haven't drowned your body with our product.  Insta-Tan is NOT meant to be used "head-to-toe", but on those exposed body parts that you want to have a natural looking tan. Insta-Tan may rub off on your clothing if you have used an oily type lotion or sunscreen before applying because oily type lotions don't absorb into the skin completely and sit on the top of your skin. If you use a "water based" lotion or sunscreen you shouldn't have any problems.  If you do just remember, Insta-Tan does come out in a normal wash cycle. 
10. Will Insta-Tan stain my clothing?  No. Insta-Tan will not permanently stain.  It will wash out in the normal wash cycle. Please make sure however that you allow for sufficient drying time before getting dressed or applying a second coat.
  • Hold bottle 8-10 inches away from clean dry skin and spray desired areas.  Spray in an even, smooth, flowing fashion -no tiresome rubbing required. (When applying, at first you will smell isopropyl - this is the drying agent… but when completely dry Insta-Tan has a soft appealing vanilla fragrance.)
  • Blends evenly, quickly, and dries instantly in seconds. (Do not touch till dry - uneven color or spotting will disappear naturally.)
  • For darker shades – when dry just reapply.
  • Completely washable from skin and fabric with soap and water.
  • Caution:  Avoid contact with eyes or mouth.  If contact occurs flush immediately with water.  
  • Use only as directed.  Keep out of reach of children.  
  • Contents are flammable.  Do not use near flame.
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